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To Match Or Create Contrast

The symbolism behind a three stone ring is profoundly meaningful, which is why we believe each client should select the precise centre stone around which their three stone ring will be crafted. You have the option to either complement or contrast colours in your three stone ring. Consider adding coloured side stones for a vibrant touch, or opt for a striking contrast in the centre, while the timeless elegance of all-white diamonds remains a classic choice for a three stone ring. The ability to choose your diamonds or gemstones makes your three stone ring exceptionally special and uniquely tailored to you.

Precious Metal Personalisation

Personalisation is important to our crafting process which is why we make to order all our three stone rings. Allowing the choice of precious metal to be tailored to your preferences. A three stone ring looks stunning in a single precious metal, but we also offer the option of crafting mixed metals just for you. Imagine the warmth of 18k yellow or red gold accentuating the band of your three stone ring, while the diamonds are cradled in a white precious metal setting. Depending on your preferences, we can tailor your three stone ring to reflect your unique style and taste.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our attention to detail and rigorous in-house processes ensures that every aspect of a three stone ring, from the setting to the finish, meets the highest standards of excellence. Crafting every three stone ring to order, in house, means we take our time to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship. With a Naveya & Sloane three stone ring, you can be confident that you're choosing a symbol of love and commitment that is crafted to perfection and will stand the test of time.