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Quality Craftsmanship

Our attention to detail and rigorous in-house processes ensures that every aspect of a custom engagement ring, from the setting to the finish, meets the highest standards of excellence. Crafting every custom engagement ring to order, in house, means we take our time to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship. With a Naveya & Sloane custom engagement ring, you can be confident that you're choosing a symbol of love and commitment that is crafted to perfection and will stand the test of time.

Choosing Your Centre Stone

In all our custom engagement rings, our clients are able to select their exact centre stone, which will take centre stage. We believe this is important as it allows each client to tailor their custom engagement ring to suit their preferences and budget. There is a huge array of options to choose from for your custom engagement ring, which is why our designers can guide you through the process to find the perfect match for you and your custom ring.

A Moment In Time

At Naveya & Sloane, we treasure the moment when your custom engagement ring is delicately placed on the finger of your beloved. We are deeply passionate about this moment, ensuring that the recipient experiences the smooth inner surface of your completed custom engagement ring first. This moment is so precious to us that we strive to make it perfect and meaningful for you.

To explore further options, our Signature Collection crafted here in New Zealand, has a wide variety to choose from. A great option if a fully custom engagement ring is not for you, yet you wish to add your own personalised touch. These can be tailored to suit you and your preferences, accommodating precious metal variations and gemstone centre stones as an alternative to a diamond. Truly tailoring to you and your partner.